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The Boy Scouts of America

It all started with a good turn. . .

As legend has it, American millionaire William D. Boyce was lost in a London fog. A boy came up to him and said, “May I be of service to you?”

Mr. Boyce said, “Can you show me how to find an address?” The boy said, “Sir, follow me.”

After reaching his destination, Mr. Boyce offered to pay the boy a shilling, but the boy said, “Sir, I am a Scout. Scouts do not accept tips for doing a good turn.”

After finishing his errand, Mr. Boyce had the boy take him to the British Scouting Office. Four months later, on February 8, 1910, William Boyce founded the Boy Scout movement in the United States.

100 Years and Counting…

Robert Baden-Powell, a British Army officer, started the Boy Scout movement in 1907, when he organized a camp for 20 boys. His experiences as a soldier in the British Army convinced him that British boys needed more physical training and experience in outdoor life than they had been receiving. With his sister, Agnes Baden-Powell, he organized the Girl Guides in Britain two years later. As scouting spread to other nations, Baden-Powell became the most important Scout leader in the world. Baden-Powell wrote the first Boy Scout manual, Scouting for Boys (1908). The Boy Scout movement spread to the United States because of a Good Turn (friendly act) performed for William D. Boyce, an American businessman, in 1909. Today, more than 4 1/2 million young people and adults belong to the Boy Scouts of America, also known as the BSA.

Boy Scouts is an organization that teaches young people to be good citizens and trains them to become leaders. More than 24 million young people and adult leaders belong to Scouting units in more than 130 countries. Scouts are taught to do their duty to God, to their country, and to other people. Their motto is Be Prepared, and their method is learning by doing. Scouts practice citizenship by electing their own youth leaders and by learning to work together. As members of the Boy Scouts work and play outdoors, they acquire skills in camping, first aid, outdoor cooking, swimming, and woodcraft.


The History of Pack 1860

Over 30 years old and going strong!

Pack 1860 was first chartered on June 1, 1987.  Originally sponsored by the Union Mill PTA, pack meetings were started the following school year; and held, like today, in the Union Mill Elementary School Cafeteria.  The first Cubmasters, Dick Jacob and Tony Aiken, worked jointly to start the pack. They built the first Pinewood Derby track and the Arrow of Light ceremonial light box.  Together they served as Cubmaster for 6 years.

The Little Rocky Run neighborhood was growing quickly and with it the Cub Scout pack.  By 1989,  there were 135 boys:  enough for two packs.  Splitting the pack formed Pack 1859 for all the boys north of South Springs Drive.

The Clifton Lions Club became Pack 1860’s new chartering organization.  Since then, the tradition of a family campout at the Lion’s Club land in Boyce, Virginia has continued in the spring of each year.  In appreciation for being our sponsor, Pack 1860 sings Christmas carols for the Lions Club and supports the Lions Club fundraisers.

Since Troop 577 started in 1988, Pack 1860 has assisted the Boy Scouts in Scouting for Food and other community projects.

From the beginning, the scouts of Pack 1860 have held Pinewood Derbies, Bake-Offs, Blue & Gold Banquets, Crossover Picnics, and pool parties.  Each summer the Webelos have gone to Camp Goshen and the Cub Scouts to day and twilight camps at Izaak Walton, Lake Fairfax or Camp Snyder in Haymarket.

The district to which Pack 1860 belongs changed in the late 1990s when the Sully District was formed from the old Patawomeck District.  This changed some of the district events like the Klondike Derby. In years past the pack has also marched in Centreville’s 4th of July parade and had a fall campout.

Some new pack traditions are Snowtubing at Whitetail and Massanutten since 1998 and a fall hike.  Once done in White Oak Canyon, we now hike closer to home and often set up a small orienteering course for the Scouts to try their hand at map and compass skills.

Cubmasters: Dick Jacob & Tony Aiken 1987-1993, Dan Martin 1993-1995, Glenn Preston 1995-1997, Dave Hosie 1997-1998, Jim Scott 1998-2000, Scott Olmsted 2000-2002, Chip Helme 2002-2005, Chris Henson 2005-2007, Martin Muradaz 2007-2012, Drew Conard 2012-2015, Tom DiBartolo 2015-2018, and Jennifer Wheeler 2018-Present.

Committee Chairs: Debbie Reed 1994-2000, Deborah Aceto-Milton 2000-2004, Bob Beaton 2004-2005, Lance Bowden 2005-2011, Rene Law 2011-2015, Julia Campbell 2015-2016, and Karina Montatsky, 2016-Present.

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